Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Lookin' and Good Tastin'

Want to impress someone special, have someone not special become special - indeed for everyone and every occassion, special or not, send a unique, beautiful and delicious Edible Arrangement (500 5th Avenue in Brooklyn's Park Slope, 718-832-0100).  They have been around since November 2007.  I have been a customer periodically since that time. 

Recently, I purchased an arrangement for a special friend's birthday.  Her brother said, "It's big!"  She was delighted as were the many with whom she shared it.  I know it's a practical and healthy gift. 

Issaac there will advise you on arrangements ranging from $209 to $15.  Issaac with the other employees were super helpful to me and super nice.  With so many price options, your bank account will not be cleaned out. 

Go for it! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!  Edible Arrangements gets a shamrock.


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