Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's St. Patrick, not St. Patty!

Smith's Tavern (440 5th Avenue) is 78 years old.  Old timers know it as Smitty's.  The owner is Mr. Brady.  A sign outside appeared recently stating "Happy St. Patty's Day!"  Amongst many things which incense me, is calling St. Patrick, Patty.  The last time I looked, Patty is a female; St. Patrick was a male.  I entered Smitty's (I'm an old timer, too) and asked that the sign be changed, which it was the next day! 

Mr. Brady and his tavern get a shamrock! 

On St. Patrick's Day, mugs of beer will be $2.00 and there will be music from a pipe band. Y'all come even before St. Patrick's Day. 

Thank you Mr. Brady and all who so promptly changed the sign.  And yes, the sign also states how many more days until St. Patrick's Day; as of now, there are 20.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chasing Chase

I'm on another mission.  Chase Bank -- on 9th street and 5th avenue in Park Slope -- has a parking lot that extends to 8th Street. This area is NEVER shoveled, while 9th street corner, where the bank is, is cleared immediately. I have even told the personnel there to give me a shovel, and I'll clear it on 8th Street myself.  I've contacted 311, a wonderful service at the Mayor's office, but this should not be necessary.  So my point is: watch your step fellow Slopers!

Bank of America is right down the street.

Chase does not receive a shamrock in my book.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day--the biggest flower and candy day of the year. Tomorrow, some of us will go back to our old taking people for granted. At least it's not a time for feeding the homeless, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always wonder what they are to do the rest of the year. As with love, we all need food every day. But cynical me says, better one day eating big than none at all!

Four attractive things to do for the holiday:
L) View the sunset from Brooklyn Heights (it comes with a magnificent view of the New York skyline).
O) Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge (remember, you have your love to keep you warm on this dreadfully cold day!).
V) Eat a dessert at Junior's on 386 Flatbush Ave Ext.
E) Dine at Bar Toto on 411 11th Street. The food is good and the atmosphere can be romantic.

I've heard that in Ireland, St. Patrick's Day isn't just a day; it is a season. Why not have that here as well, and the same for Valentine's Day. Enjoy! Happy Valentine's Day to all!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Reopening Mission

The Park Slope Library, 431 6th Avenue, closed for TWO years on October 30, 2009.  Even I could build a supersonic jet in two years so why are these renovations to a landmark building taking two years???  I am on a mission to have the renovations completed sooner than two years.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease!  I recommend that Mayor Mike be bombarded with calls to 311 for him to get involved in getting the renovations completed in a whole lot less time than, yes, two years.

The library is a wonderful place for senior citizens like myself.  It also is a wonderful safe place for school kids whose parents work.  I was in the process of learning the computer and so miss being able to go to the library and practice what I had learned.  I know there are other libraries not too far away but, at 74, they are too far away for me.  Thanks in advance to all who become my allies in this mission!


A Star Is Born

On August 15, 2009, a guy named Ben approached me as I was crossing the street . He was looking for an elderly person for a video and explained that it was a commercial for a video game. As we talked in the middle of the street, I had suspicions about him and the video. I asked if it were clean; he assured me it was. I told him I'd let him know. I discussed it with two young friends who said I should do it.

The rest is history!

Check me out around the 0:55 mark!


Snow, Bloody Snow!

I was on the corner when a young man to whom I was bemoaning the weather, said "You should move to Florida." I replied, "Oh no, too many old people." Looking at my gray hair, he let out a heavy laugh.

He is probably still laughing. I hope so.


My First Video